About us

Who are we

Advance Seatech is one of the world’s most respected stainless steel pool manufacturers and suppliers of custom equipment for commercial swimming pools, water parks and aquatic centers. Advance Seatech is composed of expert level professionals that are dedicated to making your project ideas come to life.

Whether it’s an innovative, multi-purpose aquatic facility, elevated specialty pool, exotic resort pool or unique water feature, we provide state-of-the-art construction and design methods for projects that would otherwise be too expensive, difficult or time-consuming.

What we do


Pool designs and materials for pool construction have come a long way from the days of the typical square tiled format. The variations in formation today are practically limitless. 

Our supervisors pay very close attention to the laying of the foundation as it is the most crucial aspect of a good pool development. A weak foundation would simply cause the pool to crack under pressure. The varied weather in the country that the pool is constructed is also taken into consideration as it alters the molecular structure in the material of the foundation.



Almost all reported cases of a viral outbreak are linked to public utilized pool and a private pool. Cases that involve private pool as in the case of a house or an apartment block are hardly reported but it does not mean that it never occurs. There’s no difference between taking a reading of a public utilized pool and a private pool. It’s just the amount of chemicals added to eradicate the harmful bacteria and yet maintain a “neutral” water for an enjoyable dip. Checks on “neutral” water involve pH, Chlorine, Alkalinity, Water Hardness, Acidity and TDS Testing. These checks should be done regularly as they help to ensure a healthy functioning pool, free of unwanted contaminants.

Swimming Pool

Physical maintenance of the pool involves backwashing of the filters (DE/Cartridge/Sand), Vacuuming, Brushing, Netting and Skimming. If the filters are not constantly maintained, the debris will ultimately be causing problems with the flow rate of the water, stress on the pump which leads to higher current usage, algae and bacteria growth due to dead spots in the pool.

Spa Pool / Jacuzzi

Spa Pool / Jacuzzi maintenance are treated differently due to the usage of hot water which dissipates chlorine quickly rendering it ineffective and subsequently giving of a strong chlorine odor. The higher water temperature also causes scales and stain to form at a faster rate. Thus, our cleaner will use copper-based sanitizers and specially developed water brightener and stains preventer to help eradicate the contaminants.